Application Documents and Information Needed

To complete your online application you must submit:

  1. transcripts from any and all universities where you earned academic credits toward an undergraduate or graduate degree
  2. a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
  3. a “YouConn” personal portfolio that includes a written personal statement and video clip, both addressing specific prompts provided
  4. a supplemental writing piece in which you assess a current challenge of global perspective within the discipline of systems genomics that is of particular relevance to an aspect of genetic counseling
  5. a diversity statement
  6. three (3) letters of recommendation which provide indicators of high potential for academic success in a genetic counseling graduate program
  7. a National Match System ID number within the UConn Graduate Online Portal
  8. application fee
  9. demographic information to register for an account with the UConn Graduate Online Portal application

The terms used on the Graduate School Application Portal for the items listed are 

  1. Transcripts
  2. Resume is the term for c.v. or resume
  3. Personal statement: the written personal statement piece of your “YouUConn portfolio
    Video upload: Your “YouConn” video will be recorded within the application portal system. The video recording does not permit editing.
  4. Writing sample is #4: the supplemental writing piece
  5. Diversity statement: #5 in the list above – your diversity statement
  6. You will enter the name and contact information for the persons who will be writing a letter of recommendation
  7. Registration number: this is the term referring to the National Match ID

When you have gathered all of the necessary materials;

UConn will not review your GRE scores. You may be submitting GRE scores in the National Match System for other universities, but do not upload your GRE scores to UConn’s Graduate Application Portal

Please follow the highlighted links for items #1-#8 in the list above for the guidelines about formatting and content of all application materials.