Supplemental Activities


The student will achieve the following objectives during the supplemental activity

  1. Build professionalism, communication, and team-building skills
  2. Connect and apply academic learning to real-world environments
  3. Gain competencies relevant to the effective and efficient delivery of the student’s role within the activity
  4. Express respect for diversity and understanding of cross-cultural differences in the profession
  5. Abide by workplace, university, state, and federal regulations
  6. Provide evidence of an ongoing and focused approach to learning and professional development through compilation of a portfolio
  7. Demonstrate use of interdisciplinary critical thinking skills
  8. Identify, assess, and/or address specific issues relevant to both the activity and genetic counseling


The UConn Genetic Counseling Graduate student will compile an online portfolio of documents to demonstrate goal, objectives, location, contact information, and tasks of the supplemental activity rotation, HIPAA compliant work products, and a personal reflection of both professional and scientific skills