Fieldwork Starts Semester 1

The tasks and programmatic milestones of the UConn Genetic Counseling Program are intentionally designed and scheduled to foster student independence and growth.

There is critical value to providing students with early exposure to clinical processes, procedures, and scenarios. Three observation sessions are scheduled for UConn students’ first semester to provide students with what may be for some, their first shadowing experience. Students are simultaneously enrolled in the Professional Development Course ISG 5730-02; Clinical Practice for Genetic Counselors during which time, the students will be able to reflect upon their learning experiences and ask questions of practicing genetic counselors that they may at first be hesitant to ask while in clinic.  At the conclusion of this semester, students will meet with program leadership to discuss their level of preparedness for the upcoming spring semester and first 10-week rotation.

Observational sessions help foster a sense of belonging and confidence prior to students’ upcoming first immersion into a full 10-week clinical rotation.

Please note “fieldwork”, “internship”, and “clinical rotation” are terms are used interchangeably throughout the website to refer to the on-site supervised genetic counseling training.