UConn Genetic Counseling Plan of Study Course Numbers and Descriptions

 Course Number
Course Name
ISG 5100 Foundations of Genetic and Genomic Medicine 3 Foundational concepts and application of genetics and genomics in the context of human disease
ISG 5102 Clinical Applications of Genetic and Genomic Technologies 3 Principles, clinical applications, and interpretation of genetic and genomic testing methods
ISG 5103 Theories and Methods of Genetic Counseling 3 An introduction to the theoretical framework, skillsets, and applications necessary to provide scientific communication of genetics and genomics, resources, diagnoses, and counseling in the clinical setting
ISG 5140 Systems Medical Genetics 3 Congenital malformations, dysmorphology, and genetic syndromes will be evaluated using a physical, functional, and genomic systems-based approach. Learned recognition normal and abnormal medical systems development will facilitate effective counseling practice inclusive of diagnosis, etiology, risk assessment, prognosis and management
ISG 5141 Metabolic and Cardiovascular Genomics 2 Investigation of the effects and interactions of multiple genetic variants and lifestyle/environmental factors with human development and metabolic and cardiovascular disorders
ISG 5142 Clinical Cancer Genetics 3 Fundamentals about the role of genetics, genomics and heredity in oncology for effective practice of cancer counseling for risk assessment, diagnostic testing, prognosis, and supportive care plans
ISG 5143 Clinical Prenatal Genetics 1 Knowledge and skills fundamental to the practice of prenatal genetic counseling. Students will apply prenatal genetics knowledge to clinical situations. Topics include terminology, screening and diagnostic testing, ultrasound anomalies, teratogens, and assisted reproductive technologies.
ISG 5146 Research Methods 3 Essential skills to propose new research questions, articulate research progress, and evaluate research outcomes. Incorporating history, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, prepare a research proposal for genetics/genetic counseling in health care.
ISG 5200 Communication and Counseling Skills for Effective Health Care Conversations 3 Theoretical knowledge and practical communication, counseling and support skills for the benefit of connecting practitioners and consumers within the context of health care and genomics
ISG 5201

Elective option 

Cultural Awareness: Working with Diverse Populations in Health Care 3 Connecting the impact of cultural differences with the delivery of counseling services and health care discussions
ISG 5203 Death, Dying, Grief, and Coping 3 Critical concepts of death, loss, and grief and their impact on consumer-provider discussions of death, within a health care setting
ISG 5601 Interpreting Clinical Genomic Data  3 Interrogation of database resources for the identification and interpretation of genetic variation in the context of clinical case management. Accurate communication of genetic information in an accessible format according to established guidelines
ISG 5715 Current Topics in Clinical Genetics Journal Club 1 Exploration of clinical genetics and genomics through primary literature review
ISG 5730 Professional Skills and Competencies - Variable Topics Variable Credits Career skills development toward effective practice in health care research, diagnostic and/or clinic settings
ISG 5091-02 Genetic Counseling Internship Variable Credits Experiential learning to integrate knowledge and theory from the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting
ISG 5099 Independent Study Variable Credits Independent investigation toward scholarship in the discipline