Clinical Requirements

New and Matriculating students will be required to:

  1. register for and maintain an account with American DataBank/Complio, a third-party compliance vendor that all UConn clinical and field programs use to track compliance, complete background checks and drug screens, etc. American DataBank (or ADB) is the overall company while Complio is the specific web-based platform where you will submit your documentation and track your compliance. For your general purposes, ADB and Complio refer to the same thing and can be used interchangeably
  2. pass a background check
  3. enroll prior to July of admission year and maintain an active membership in an online documentation tracking program
  4. provide documentation of required vaccinations and titers prior to July 15 of matriculation year and once per year while enrolled in the program

  1. COVID
  2. Verified negative TB skin or blood test
    TB skin or blood test is required prior to July 1 after admission and annually until the end of the program; results must be negative
  3. If a student has a positive TB test, a chest X-ray report indicating the absence of TB obtained within six months prior to admission must be submitted
  4. Mumps, Rubella, Measles Vaccinations
    Documentation of positive titers for each prior to admission
  5. Varicella
    Documentation of positive antibody titer must be submitted prior to rotations
  6. Hepatitis B vaccinations
    Documentation of a positive titer prior to admission
  7. Tdap
    Documentation of vaccination received as an adult within the past 10 years must be submitted prior to July 1 after admission