A Holistic Admissions Review

The University of CT Genetic Counseling Program admissions committee’s process of review places the applicant’s academic skills and achievements in the wider context of other factors known to affect a student’s ability to successfully complete the graduate degree program.


  • Aptitude for planning and organization
  • Persistence and commitment
  • Creativity
  • Personal and professional ethics


  • Leadership experience
  • Nature and progression of extracurricular involvement
  • Demonstrated passion for and commitment to the disciplinary interests
  • Strong communication skills
  • Sustained community engagement
  • Experiential, scholarly, and/or research activity on and/or off-campus
  • Special talents have been employed effectively

Your application packet will require items to help the admissions committee provide you with an individualized, holistic review and to help the committee select the best matches for the next incoming class of seven (7) graduate genetic counseling students.