Letters of Recommendation

Three (3) letters of recommendation which provide indicators of high potential for academic success* in a genetic counseling graduate program.

Letter writers should substitute applicant’s name with the applicant’s Match ID number within the letter itself.

At a minimum, letters should address the following items (items may not all be in one letter):

  1. Academic performance and potential for graduate study
  2. Counseling, advocacy, and/or volunteerism within the field
  3. Research and/or experiential learning, as appropriate

Reference letters cannot be from peers or family members. If an academic reference is > 5 years, a letter from a reference that speaks to academic potential may be substituted

Directions for letter-writers: Please address all 4 indicators below as applicable to your relationship with the applicant.

*Indicators of high potential for success in a graduate program include

  1. Past academic success in prior graduate programs
  2. Demonstration of independent and self-motivated learning
  3. Advanced coursework or projects (e.g. Honors, research, independent studies, projects
  4. Frequent, self-directed communication of self-reflection goals and progress throughout your academic history