Program Outcomes

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Board Examination Pass Rates

Stay tuned!  We will be posting cumulative first-time test takers' American Board of Genetic Counseling examination pass rates for the three most recent classes. This data will be posted within one year of graduating UConn's third class in 2027.

The UConn Genetic Counseling MS Program curriculum is designed so that students are writing board style questions for assignments, completing examinations with board style questions, attending board review sessions, and completing 2 mock board examinations.  Program faculty have consciously integrated repetitive and interactive modalities for board exam study and practice.

Attrition Rate

The University of Connecticut Genetic Counseling Graduate Program attrition rate for the past three years will be reported.

Job Placement Rate

We will post the job placement rate in a genetic counseling or related position for UConn's Genetic Counseling MS degree graduates for the most recent three years.