Supplemental Writing Sample

Your application packet will include a supplemental writing piece titled “Current Challenge in Systems Genomics”  in which you will assess a current challenge of global perspective within the discipline of systems genomics* that is of particular relevance to an aspect of genetic counseling.

*Systems genetics/genomics builds upon major technology advances that facilitate the measurement of genomes to the level of single nucleotide variation, methodological improvements to assess phenotypes in a more quantitative manner, and new computational pipelines for a comprehensive view of complex interactions between genes, RNAs, proteins and other cellular components. Differing from historic approaches to genetic analyses, systems genomic approaches can be achieved on cells and organisms, rather than strictly on populations and all in a manner comprehensive of different conditions or environments.


  • No more than one page in length
  • 1.5 lines or double spaced
  • Sans Serif font size no smaller than 10.5
  • Margins between 0.75-inches and one inch on all sides
  • Applicant Match ID # should be included in lower right corner margin/footer
  • Do not include your name on the document