CV or Resume

Your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume should be concise but provide sufficient information to assess the activity; bullet points are acceptable

Each section of your submitted document should be uniform in formatting

  • Sans Serif font
  • font size no smaller than 10.5
  • uniformity in descriptions
  • verb tense to match associated dates
  • margins between 0.75-inches and one-inch on all sides

  • Applicant Match ID # should be used in place of applicant name
  • Keep the most relevant and impressive sections toward the beginning and the lesser relevant sections toward the end
  • Entries within a section should be presented in chronological order, with the most recent activity listed first
  • Relevant experience may include paid or unpaid
    • Please list for the relevant experiences the following information
      • position title
      • major responsibilities of the position
      • place of experience
      • name of supervisor/manager/PI when available
      • City, State of experience
      • Start and End dates
        • formatted as abbreviated month and full year e.g. Aug 2021 -Dec 2022 or July -Dec 2022

The CV or resume could include

  • applicant Match ID # centered at top of first page to replace name and contact information
  • education with degree and dates
  • relevant work experience
  • outreach /volunteerism / teaching
  • awards and/or scholarships
  • publications
  • presentations and posters
  • research and capstone projects
  • professional memberships /licenses
  • conferences, professional development training
  • internships, coops or shadowing
  • leadership roles / committee service
  • languages and skills
  • advocacy
  • engagement with diversity initiatives

The CV and resume information should not include

  • your name or contact details; include only the Match ID # centered at the top of the first page
  • grades or GPA (will be on your transcripts)
  • activities conducted solely within high school
  • photos
  • colored fonts
  • objective/goal statement because the objective is the same for all applicants
  • relevant courses (this information can be found on transcripts)

For additional helpful information about curriculum vitae and resumes; please visit UConn’s Center for Career Development Career On Demand resources