Program Goals

The educational goals of the UConn GC Program are to:

  1. Provide a competency-based and interprofessional approach to training to prepare students for the national board certification examination and professional practice;
  2. Deliver dynamic traditional, online and novel learning experiences to meet the growing need and evolving role of genetic counselors;
  3. Promote effective communication techniques for professional practice;
  4. Foster diversity and inclusion in students and partners, leadership opportunities, and community outreach to drive excellence in the profession;
  5. Provide holistic experiential and professional development opportunities to facilitate the translation of knowledge into genetic counseling practice;
  6. Mentor and foster students as individuals recognizing intersectionality of identity, experiences, cultures and customs toward developing one’s personal values;
  7. Improve and promote the role of genetics in health care and research as well as the value of the genetic counseling profession.