Fieldwork Internship Rotations are 10 weeks

There are six (6) 10-week fieldwork internship rotations in prenatal, pediatric/general, cancer, cardiovascular, laboratory, and research genetic specialties toward meeting the accreditation standard of 50 core cases. The students will commence the first rotation in January of Year 1 and from this point forward have training across a broad spectrum of genetic counseling situations representing the multiple stages of the life cycle.

Clinical affiliates of the UConn Genetic Counseling Program serve socioeconomically and culturally diverse patient populations. Affiliate settings include medical centers, a nonprofit children’s hospital, private maternal-fetal medicine, oncology, and community practice settings. Students are expected to counsel patients and families from diverse geographic regions and socioeconomic backgrounds. Students will work with genetic counselors using varied approaches and attending skills. Affiliate placements and enrichment clinics will provide students with situational learning opportunities to identify the history, management, and psychosocial challenges of a broad range of genetic conditions including autism, Huntington disease, cardiovascular disease, teratogen exposures, Lynch syndrome, and many others.

Please note fieldwork, internship, and clinical rotation are terms that are used interchangeably throughout the website to refer to the on-site supervised genetic counseling training.