Kunal Sanghavi, MBBS, MS, CGC

Lecturer, UConn Genetic Counseling Program

Program Manager at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

Kunal leads a variety of projects including the strategic growth of patient-centered translational research and development of new services as an outcome of research for the JAX Clinical Innovation team. He has extensive experience in development of regional networks, having created a regional consumer collaborative network of parents and families with genetic conditions, and implemented a telemedicine project with the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the associated regional telegenetics community of practice.  Kunal has engaged in clinical research at both Johns Hopkins and Beth Israel Deaconess, developing and implementing research protocols, and has worked with public health officials on interdisciplinary training initiatives. Kunal continues to contribute on genetics/genomics counseling, education, and service delivery to different professional societies and international networks.

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